Dragon Claw Two Pack - Shipping Included

Dragon Claw Two Pack - Shipping Included

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The Dragon Claw by DKP Accessories is the world’s first magnetic game board designed specifically with Trading Card Games in mind.

The Patent Pending design allows you to enjoy your favorite games outside, on the go, or at home. The Dragon Claw helps protect your games from hazards such as wind, pets, and sneezes! Powerful neodymium magnets paired with magnetic receptive inserts allow for a firm grip. Simply add the inserts behind your cards in your favorite deck protector and enjoy!


  • Original artwork by noted Magic: The Gathering artist Andreas Rocha.

  • Rigid and lightweight recycled materials

  • Precision injection molding

Two pack contains doubled quantities of everything listed below (Separately boxed)

Each Dragon Claw includes:

  • 1 Modular Case

  • 3 Modular Play Surfaces

  • 120 Magnetic Receptive Inserts

Dimensions (outside of packaging)

Magnetic play surface - 14” x 9.25”

Modular Case Height - 2”

+$5 Per 60 Extra Inserts:
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